Meet Alessa

Alessa is my pen name – a foreign-language variant of my actual name (for those of you who like to mad-sleuth such things). The real names of actual people – living or dead – are never employed in my writing. This is to protect the characters of my life – real or imagined, innocent or not-so-innocent – they all deserve a metaphorical shield.

I am a writer not because I am published (nor am even known for being one, outside of familial circles), but because I have to write. Sometimes I write about my real life; and other times, I make valiant (and not-so-valiant) attempts at creating fiction. On special occasions, I may even return to my poetry roots. (I will always let you know, Dear Reader, which posts belong to which categories.) For every post you see here, there are at least a dozen that didn’t survive, but I carry on. (Don’t give up shooting flares to the sky! I like to say.)

I am riddled with an alphabet of mental health afflictions: ADHD, BPD*, OCD and PTSD. Side effects of reading this blog may include (but are not limited to): Confusion, Dizziness, Fatigue, Hunger, Laughter, Night Sweats, Shock, and Sudden Bursts of Inexplicable Emotion. You have been warned.

I am an active member of the world-wide Anonymous community, and make a daily decision to remain sober just for the next twenty-four hours. I have a considerable amount of time collected behind me; but, it’s not nearly as important as the time I have ahead of me. Sobriety is not, by any means, an easy path to walk… but it is a worthy one.

Most of my “professional” life has been spent in customer service, but I dream of being a teacher. A little over a year ago, I made the decision to become a certified Paraeducator; and am impatiently awaiting the end of the necessary COVID-19 isolation, and a return to the classroom.

I live in the desert Southwest with my incredibly patient, inexplicably gentle, unconditionally understanding, totally amazing husband – who my brain sometimes turns into an unimaginable enemy that must be vanquished. (He has grown used to the ducking required when I brandish my crazy sword.) We have been together for twenty years, but are fully aware that today is the only day that counts.

*BPD – for me – means Borderline Personality Disorder. Not to be confused with it’s acronym counterpart, Bi-polar Disorder.