Twenty-One Days

Okay… so, those of you who follow this blog know that I have eradicated it in the past. I write for a couple of days each week – usually for a couple of weeks – then disappear for a couple of weeks (or months), and then return.

Upon my return, I delete all of my posts and then usually f*ck with the design for awhile. Each time I am convinced that if I can just get the aesthetics right, I will then be compelled to write. (It has never worked out that way.)

You might also notice that my previous post (“F*ck M*A*S*H, Suicide is Anything BUT Painless”) has been deleted. However, this is not an attempt to destroy the blog. Removing the post was not out of a desire to hide or destroy my voice… it was because the piece wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

When re-reading it, I noticed that I was trying to lend justification to my actions… when really, there are very few situations that justify violence (and to be clear, suicide is an act of violence).

I do plan to re-write the piece, but not until I have a chance to do some research, and get a little further away from my subjective feelings on the matter.

You may also notice that I have removed some tags from my previous posts. “Zero-to-hero” was a tag I read about (somewhere in the WordPress archives) for bloggers who were just starting out. Though I may be trying to re-launch this blog, I am far from “just starting out.” So to be fair, I removed that tag from my posts.

In addition, I have temporarily removed the “90 posts in 90 days” tag. In the rooms of the Anonymous, they recommend that newcomers – or people re-dedicating to the program – attend 90 meetings in 90 days.

Attending multiple meetings on a Sunday so that you can justify skipping the rest of the week is not what they mean when they say that, nor was it my intention here. I was attempting to motivate myself to write daily… and miserably failed on that front.

That’s not to say that I can’t do it; but I have to do it fairly. One post each day for ninety days… and I can start again on Wednesday.

I can hear you thinking, Why Wednesday? Why not today?

The answer to that question is that I have a few things I need to work out before then.

Having resigned from the school district over COVID19 (i.e. the failure to properly protect staff and students), I now find myself with free-time on my hands, and my husband has stated that he is willing to give me time to write… time that I have thus far used to procrastinate.

I have an inherent resistance to schedules (that is stronger than most because of my BPD), and an even deeper fear that I don’t have what it takes to be a writer. As such, I’ve left both tasks up in the air – in an ominous holding pattern – whilst I dance on the runway, pretending to be clearing it for landing; and it’s time to get my butt back up into the control tower.

So… between today and Wednesday, I need to create an outline for myself. One that includes:

  • scheduled time to do internet research
  • scheduled time for reading the multiple non-fiction titles I’ve purchased (some of them have been sitting on a shelf for years)
  • scheduled time to write
  • scheduled time to exercise

Sad as it may sound, I also have to remind myself to do the basic stuff – eat, sleep, shower, brush my teeth, etc.

I remember reading that it takes twenty-one days to change and/or build a habit. Three weeks. It doesn’t sound like an overwhelming amount of time… until you start thinking about the challenge of uncomfortable actions.

I’m not comfortable with responsibility, because accountability comes with it… and my fellow addicts and “crazy folk” will understand that both words carry an incredible amount of weight.

Today, I feel like I can handle it. Tomorrow, I may not. There will be days that I just can’t, and I will have to allow for that – giving bad days permission to happen, but not the power to derail my plans.

I haven’t read “Sometimes I Act Crazy” in a couple of days. My basal instinct – in response to that – is to let the snarky, disgusted voice in my head say with conviction, “You’ve already failed. No point in continuing to try.” But there is a point in continuing to try. Failure is a possibility, but so to is sucess.

I would rather fail while trying to succeed than to never try at all. At the latest, I will see you again on Wednesday, Dear Reader. Thank you for sticking with me.

4 thoughts on “Twenty-One Days

  1. There may not be much that justifies violence, but there are always reasons. And, at least in my own head, I would see reasons as being things that are what they are, while excuses try to shift ownership. Then again, I’m pretty self-reflective, and do a lot of time wandering around in my head trying to put pieces together to figure out reasons.

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    • I agree. One of the biggest conflicts for me in that piece (upon re-reading) was that the reasons are legion… and a blog post is not.

      In my experience, acts of violence usually stem from fear (even ones in which there is a power play).

      Fear. Such a small word for such an immense feeling.
      *Shake Head, Re-focus*

      In addressing suicide (something I want to do well, because it’s a passionate subject for me) I may need to divide the subject into very specific portions (because there are so many facets to it)… and I have no idea how to conquer that beast (not yet, anyway).

      Thank you for being a reader, and a thoughtful commentator. You are one of the lights I am drawn to when in darkness. I appreciate you, Girl! 💕

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