Dear Reader,

I apologize for the time that has gone by since my last post. Please be assured that it is not because I have given up on the blog (again), nor is it that I haven’t wanted to write. On the contrary. I am desperate to write; but also, to go about the task informed.

I have been (and am still) on a quest for knowledge… because the things that I wish to write about at the moment require that I do so responsibly.

I have been (and am still) studying cult mentality, race relations history, and the creation (and subsequent mutation) of twelve-step programs. (Though, obviously, not all of these things are related.)

To my surprise, it has not been as intimidating as I imagined it would be. It has, however, been time consuming (and it takes me longer than the average person to get through such tasks).

Desperate to see this through (and not to give up, as I normally would), I have made several concessions:

  • I am allowing myself to take things at a pace that works for me.
  • I am allowing myself to jump from one subject to another – and then back again.
  • I am allowing myself to walk away, and take a break, when I feel overwhelmed or discouraged.
  • I am allowing myself to be less than perfect.

Historically, I demand perfection in every task I take on… and then do not finish any of them (because they’re never as literally perfect as I would like). So I am trying a new approach. One that allows me to be the inherently flawed individual that I actually am.

You, Dear Reader (and Fellow Writer), have inspired me… and I hope not to let you down. So please have patience, and stay tuned. There is much to come.

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